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This area highlights the relations between the Gorizia University Campus and the local territory of Gorizia. You will also find some useful links. Visit Live CeGo for further information

Relations with institutions
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Relations with the Institutions

The Gorizia campus of the University of Udine has had relations of social relevance with the Isontine institutions for more than a decade.
Thanks to a deep understanding of the local territory and the capability of meeting its needs, the campus has grown a reputation for being an innovative center that allows, thanks to an excellent research and education activity, to get the necessary skills to study and deal with real cases on both a national and international level.
Not only does the CeGo allow students to participate in workshops and conventions with local experts of several fields, but it also gives them the chance to apply for internships and research events that allow students and graduates to establish contacts with the business world, both locally and internationally.