CEGO, also known as the Polyfunctional Centre of Gorizia, was founded in the academic year 1993/94 and acts as an external branch of the University of Udine. CeGo is spread out in various historical buildings throughout the city centre, such as Polo Santa Chiara, Casa Lenassi and Palazzo del Cinema, which support the University in its legal duties regarding the graduation process according to the didactic regulations of the University of Udine and also works with local public and private organizations.




CEGO represents the coordinated headquarter in Gorizia of the University of Udine. It operates in prestigious historic buildings, such as the Santa Chiara Pole, Casa Lenassi and Palazzo del Cinema.


In this section are contained all the useful information and services offered to better enjoy the university studies in Gorizia. These include canteens, housing, health care, CUS, events and tourism.


The Humanistic and Education Library of the CeGo is active at the Santa Chiara Center. It has about 11.000 volumes, 1,900 audiovisuals and about 2,800 thesis dissertations discussed in Gorizia since 2003.


For information on enrolments, registrations, transfers from other universities or degree courses,  study plan and career.


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How to contact professors, the Didactic-Administrative and Internship Offices, student representatives, technical and administrative staff.