Ardiss (Regional Agency for the Right to Higher Education) has 378 accommodation places distributed among the University campuses of Udine, Gorizia, Gemona del Friuli and Pordenone.


 +39 0432 245 772

Viale Ungheria, 39/b – 33100 Udine


For information on accommodation locations visit:

  • the Ardiss website;
  • the new InfoCasa service (a service by Ardiss Udine that helps students find accommodation).
    The InfoCasa service is free and acts as an intersection between supply and demand of house rentals.
    The service is available for students, professors and staff at the University of Udine.
  • the proposals of the Inter-età Association, which is an inter-generational meeting point.
    Accommodation is offered to the student by the elderly and some of the student’s time is requested to assist and help the elder person.


Student House

Palazzo De Bassa

porter’s lodge: +39 0481 550 171

offices: +39 0432 245 715 – +39 0432 245 716

Via Mazzini, 4 – 34170 Gorizia

The porter’s lodge service is available 24/7.

There are 99 accommodation places available in single and double bedrooms; kitchens are available on every floor.

You can also consult the Regulation of Student House Palazzo de Bassa and the Temporary Accommodation Request form (these documents are only available in Italian).


Nostra Signora Institute

+39 0481 530 145

Via S. Chiara, 14 – 34170 Gorizia


Suore della Provvidenza Boarding House

+39 0481 531 651

 Via Vittorio Veneto, 185 – 34170 Gorizia


Salesiano San Luigi Boarding House

+39 0481 580 811

Via Don Bosco, 48 – 34170 Gorizia


The CeGo campus (Polo Santa Chiara, Palazzo del Cinema and Casa Lenassi) is equipped with bulletin boards where students, as well as house owners, frequently post house listings.

You can also consult the Facebook group Rent room, created to facilitate the search for accommodation.