On December 23rd 2010, the University Consortium and the Local Health District n.2 Bassa Friulana-Isontina made an arrangement in order to provide health care to every student enrolled in the University of Udine (Gorizia centre) who live outside their local health care district area.
The doctors who have an agreement with the University provide the health care service. In order to facilitate access to the service and to make it compatible with students’ academic commitments, the doctors are willing to agree the time and day of the visit by making an appointment. The price for a visit to the doctors’ office is 15 euros, meanwhile, for domestic visits, the price is 25 euros. A regular receipt is given by the doctor after each treatment. The service is fully refundable by taking the receipt to the student’s local health care office. International students: please ask the International Students Service Office for all special regulations.



 +39 0481 34 142

 Corso Verdi, 115 – 34170 Gorizia

Monday – Wednesday 15.00-17.00 / Tuesday – Thursday 08.30-10.30 / Saturday 10.00-12.00


 +39 340 36 09 334

Corso Italia, 90/B – 34170 Gorizia