Every year an Open Day takes place in Gorizia, which is the perfect opportunity to start your university career and to obtain all the useful information for your registration.
You can find more information about Orientation here.




An Open Day to know more about the courses of Public Relations  and DAMS that are hosted in the Polyfunctional Centre of Gorizia. It takes place inside the Polo Santa Chiara in Gorizia, where the guests can directly engage with the professors, the structure, students and some institutional figures of the University. It usually takes place in November/Dicember.



In May takes place the traditional meeting between students and companies, which is a great opportunity for both graduate and undergraduate students of Public Relations and Integrated Communication for Businesses and Organizations to find a pre- or post-graduation internship program.



In July there is another Open Day organized by CORT of Udine in every campus: this meeting gives the student the opportunity to speak with tutors and institutional figures, in order to gather useful information before the enrolment.



In September takes place a presentation of Bachelor and Master degrees in Public Relations, Integrated Communication for Businesses and Organizations, DAMS and Audiovisual Heritage and New Media Sciences. This meeting presents experiences of graduate students who now work in their field of study.



The project started in the academic year 2014/2015 and offers to the students of the 4th year of Friuli Venezia Giulia’s High Schools two different types of modules:

  • Selected Module (15 hours) with cultural, orientational and educational purposes.
  • Basic Module (25 hours) with mainly educational purposes (its goal is the integration and restoration of basic competences, and also covers some educational paths planned for the first year of the degree courses).

These modules are intended for students who have concluded the fourth year of High School.
You can find further information at the University of Udine page.