The Santa Chiara building hosts the educational activities for the Undergraduate and Graduate Courses offered at CeGo. The Humanistic and Education Library of the University of Udine and the SASWEB Lab (Semantic Adaptive Social Web Research) are also located in this building. It offers to the students a wide range of study halls with free wifi access and new computer labs; the building also hosts many events.

The Monastery of Santa Chiara was built in the first half of ‘600 to establish a female religious community, the Poor Clares. It used to have a large church, now occupied by the Museum of Santa Chiara. At the end of 700’s Joseph II of Austria suppressed the order and converted the monastery into a centre for the processing and production of silk. Later on it was turned into a military storage facility. Due to the First World War, the building was severely damaged and in post-war period was partially renovated. Later on, more renovation was carried out in order to host the Italian finance police. In 2010 it was restored and it became the core of the University of Udine in the town of Gorizia.

Students can access the Polo Santa Chiara from via Santa Chiara, 1 and from Corso Verdi, on the opposite side of the Post Office building.

+39 0481 580 150

+39 0481 580 174


Via Santa Chiara, 1 – 34170 Gorizia

Monday-Friday 08:00AM – 07:00PM

From the train station take bus number 2 towards Posta Centrale up to Via Santa Chiara, 10


Casa Lenassi represents the Administrative building of the Polyfunctional Centre of Gorizia. In the beautiful 1800s Villa can be found the Management Offices, the Didactic-Administrative Office, the Accounting Office, the Internship Office, and some Professors’ offices. The manor, with all its assets, was given to the City of Gorizia to become part of the “Civil College for Abandoned Children”. It dates back to mid 1800s and was renovated in 1921, by remodeling the internal arrangement and also by adding a new area. It has recently been renovated by the City of Gorizia.

+39 0481 580 111


Via IX agosto, 8 – 34170 Gorizia

The users can access according to the following instructions:

  • From 9.00AM to 02.00PM the main gate of via IX Agosto will be open;
  • From 02.00AM to 06.30PM the access will be allowed only from the entrance in via Maniacco: the user will find access instructions next to the doorphone and will directly contact the wanted person, professor or technical-administrative staff, who will open the gate by dialing *1* on their phone keyboard.

From the station take bus number 2 towards Posta Centrale up to Via IX Agosto, 11


The building houses the Archdiocese of Gorizia, erected between 1751 and 1752 by Pope Benedict XIV and designed to create a center for the European Christianity. In the building there are also the headquarters of the diocesan weekly La voce isontina.

Via Giuseppe Verdi, 4 – 34170 Gorizia GO

The classroms open 30 minutes before the beginning of the lessons and they are opened only for their duration.

From the station take bus number 2 towards Posta Centrale up to Via Santa Chiara, 10