How to reach Gorizia


by Train:


by Car:

  • continue on the A4 highway until you reach Villesse, then take the 17 that will bring you to the center of Gorizia
  • continue on the H4 to Šempeter pri Gorici ad take the 103 road to Nova Gorica, at the roundabout of Vipavska Cesta take the road leading to the Casa Rossa, then go across the Slovenian/Italian border


by Bus:

  • The APT Gorizia offers a service of transportation both local and non-local.


by Airplane:

To get to the various builings of the University in Gorizia go to How to reach the University buildings.


Gorizia - Udine: 40 km
Gorizia - Trieste: 50 km
Gorizia - Venezia: 140 km
Gorizia - Roma: 650 km
Gorizia (center) - Nova Gorica (center): 2 km
Gorizia - Ljubljana: 95 km
Gorizia - Koper: 90 km
Gorizia - Klagenfurt: 200 km