This is the Frequently Asked Questions area, where you can find all the necessary information about Degree courses, educational offer, enrolment, university fees, how to get scolarships and benefits and about services for disabled students.


I recently graduated from high school but I haven’t decided yet what University I want to apply to. Is there a specific office where I can get the information I need at the Polyfunctional Centre of Gorizia?

Yes, there is. At our CeGo offices we have a Tutoring Office, where you can find all the information about the didactic offer, the courses held at the Gorizia Campus, enrolment procedures, sport activities offered by the CUS – University Centre for Sport, student associations activities and everything about student life at the University of Udine.

What does CeGo offer compared to the other University campuses?

There are various reasons for choosing to study at the Gorizia Campus. You can find them browsing this website: consult the Educational Offer page, read the statements of former students, both italian and international, but also watching this video presentation.

Where can I find information about the courses offered at the Gorizia Centre?

To find out the courses offered at the CeGo campus, you can visit our Educational Offer page, where information about Degree courses is available: DAMS and Public Relations.


I have decided to enroll in a course that is held at the CeGo campus. Is there open access or a numerus clausus admission?

The courses are open access. It is important to know that the access to each Degree course requires an entrance exam.
Further information can be found in the answer to the next question and at the pages regarding DAMS entrance exam and Public Relations entrance exam.


What is the “Entrance exam”?

This exam is mandatory for every student who wants to enroll in one of our courses.
How do I enroll in the specific course I have chosen?

After choosing the course, the student has to fulfill an online pre-enrolment and after that s/he must bring the necessary papers to the Students Office. For further information, you can visit the how to enroll page or have a look at this brochure (in Italian only).

What documents are needed for the enrolment?

The student must hand in at the Students Office the following documents:

  1. an application on the official form;
  2. 1 passport type photo;

Payment of the first instalment has to be done with the online procedure PagoPA. You can find it in your Esse3 personal area, in the “Payments” section.

Are online enrolments possible?

You can fill in the pre-enrolment procedure online by going to the Esse3 page after having consulted the how to enroll page. ATTENTION : the enrolment will be validated ONLY if the student hands in the filled in online request form, the necessary documents and the receipt of payment.


I used to be enrolled in a University course, but I never finished my exams. Is it possible to start from where I suspended?

The University of Udine established that even if a student has not finished a course in the past, this does not entail the cancellation of the degree-related activities (passed exams and obtained credits). The student can present an enrolment application with a reduction, asking for an acknowledgement of the credits of the previous career. Together with the enrolment application, students who suspended their studies at other Universities have to self-certificate on unstamped paper the exams taken with the grades. If necessary, the student can be asked to attach the syllabuses of the taken exams.

However, it should be noted that there is no obligated acknowledgement; the expert didactic commission will acknowledge the degree-related activities according to its unconditional discretion and will judge the validity or the obsolescence of the previous study program for which the acknowledgement is requested. To verify the procedures for the acknowledgment of previous studies you can visit the Credit Evaluation page.

How much do the University fees amount to?
The enrolment to University is subject to the payment of tuition fees; you can find further information in the University website section about Fees
Information on fee reductions, grants and forms for requesting these benefits can also be found in the same section.
Does the University of Udine give scolarships?
The Ardiss (Regional Agency for the Right to Higher Education) offers the possibility to apply for scholarships through the procedure explained on Ardiss’ website. Also the Consortium for the development of Gorizia Campus offers scholarships to worthy students.
Are there any benefits for public transport?
What kind of services can disabled students benefit from?

The University, through the Orientation and Tutoring Centre (at the Gorizia Centre also through the Tutoring Office), provides special services for impaired and disabled students: from transport to University campuses to giving support during entrance exams.
Qualified staff and civil service volunteers will help students who are interested in such services. To find out more about these services contact:

More information is available on the Special Needs Students information page.


Are there scholarships for special needs students?

The Ardiss (Regional Agency for the Right to Higher education) offers disabled students the possibility to apply for scholarships through the procedure on this page.