Educational activities are significantly combined with fieldwork, thanks to the research laboratories operating in the Polyfunctional Centre of Gorizia.
These research laboratories are activated and available for, but non exclusively, the courses of Public Relations and Integrated Communication for Businesses and Organizations:










LAREM is a unique centre for economics and management studies in the province of Gorizia.
The laboratory aims to put the University in contact with the local territory, keeping an eye on Europe and the neighbouring countries.
It stands as a joint venture between public speakers, local authorities and institutions, companies and students. It’s a good opportunity to approach the world of work, to experience personally – but still with the help of professors and researchers – the importance of public relations and business communication: an effective way to get today closer to tomorrow. Research and consulting projects, workshops and conventions, international activities, internships and thesis are the areas where the LAREM laboratory operates. Professors bring their professional knowledge and experiences to guide their students towards what will be their professional environment by integrating cross communication between firms and University: endless, unique opportunities.


SME Leaders & Sustainability: Deliberative Engagement

LAREM participates together with other 8 European partners to the SME-DE Project, founded by the EU, which will build a targeted, demand-driven Executive Programme, consisting of education and business support tools, which will help SME intermediary leaders to be more effectively engaged in addressing longer-term issues of sustainability.



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The Public Relations, Organization and Communication Laboratory (ROC) started off as the first of the various work spaces of research, projecting, development of applied competences available for Public Relations students. Many students and graduates of the University of Udine and Gorizia enthusiastically contributed to its creation. During its long term activity, ambitious projects regarding organization and communication skills were carried out thanks to prolific work teams and various operative units. The Laboratory deals with:

  • strategic planning and event management
  • media relations
  • psycho-social research, surveys
  • strategic communication plans

The students who decide to participate in these projects continuously meet new business opportunities, educational possibilities, contacts and relations with professionals and businesses that contribute to the increase of Public Relations.

There is a very long list of national and international workshops and projects the ROC lab has worked on since its birth. Some examples are: “Communication, the power to rebuild reality. Lab of Communication Management regarding conflicts”. (2002); “Social Responsibility: contribution to the company reputation”. (2003); Press office management at the 2nd World Public Relations Convention, WPRF (2005); since 2008, the ROC lab has organized and planned the social responsibility campaign for enterprises, in a joint effort with the APT of Gorizia: “Il libro delle 18.03” along with the literary prize “Si Libri la Mente”.



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The Semantic Adaptive Social Web Research Lab (SASWEB) is a research centre with advanced scientific capabilities focused on modelling, projecting and implementing websites and innovative applications for mobile devices.

SASWEB involves students, institutions, local authorities, companies and non profit organizations for:

  • Didactic-academic purposes: from the first academic year, the laboratory gives students the opportunity to compare themselves with real projects and to experiment with new technologies in a multi-disciplinary area;
  • Scientific research purposes: it promotes and coordinates various projects and research events in an international environment;
  • Technological Transfer to local territories: highlights the request for innovation on the local territory by creating connections and partnerships between research teams and the productive  and services area;
  • Giving both the public and private sector a reference point for the development of services and applications, intended to promote and distribute their area of expertise.



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Polo Santa Chiara



Educational activities are significantly combined with fieldwork, thanks to the research laboratories operating in the Polyfunctional Centre of Gorizia .

The following research laboratories are activated and available for, but non exclusively, the courses of BA in DAMS and MA in Film and Audiovisual Studies:



The laboratory La Camera Ottica is dedicated to film and video preservation and restoration, while the laboratory CREA (Center of Researches and Audiovisual Processing) is dedicated to digital production and post-production. The laboratories are provided with specialized equipment and their team has differentiated yet integrated competences in the historiographic, theoretical and methodological, technical and scientific field. The laboratories are specialized in preservation, restoration and valorization of lossy formats, obsolete video formats, experimental cinema, video art and amateur filmmaking. Between 2004 and 2005 the laboratories have preserved and restored hundreds of audiovisual works and documents by international artists, such as:

  • Pierre Clémenti
  • Edgar Reitz
  • Aldo Tambellini
  • Massimo Bacigalupo
  • Michele Sambin
  • Yervant Gianikian
  • Angela Ricci-Lucchi
  • Alberto Grifi
  • Videobase
  • Karpo Godina
  • Marina Abramovic
  • Vito Acconci
  • Alina Marazzi.

The laboratories represent the heart of advanced educational activities and a rich source of exchanges between research and education. The Undergraduate degree, the Postgraduate degree and the international Doctorate, together with laboratory activities, guarantee high educational and research levels, offering a wide range of national and international job possibilities. Cinema laboratories offer students the opportunity to deepen their own professional experiences through internships in partner Italian and foreign laboratories and film archives, such as:

Important agreements and partnerships with prestigious archives and laboratories:


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Specialized in audiovisual and multimedia postproduction. It offers participatory and seminar-based educational activities and refresher courses (learning of ingesting, editing, compositing, conforming and authoring techniques in integrated hardware and software environments).

It works in the field of digital humanities through interdisciplinary collaboration between computer science and humanities, through projects and activities of digital transmedia storytelling and media and new media literacy.



The Screenplay Research Center was born in Gorizia in 2003. The archive hosts a precious collection of original documents that attest Sergio Amidei’s activity; over the years the centre earned funds given by important screenwriters and Italian film directors. The centre is intended for the preservation and promotion of screenplay studies and houses a rich collection of volumes on this subject.





The Association Palazzo del Cinema – Hiša filma manages the ‘Mediateca.GO “Ugo Casiraghi” ‘ , which was founded by the Province of Gorizia, the Association Kinoatelje, the University of Udine (DAMS – Cinema, Gorizia), Transmedia SpA and the Cultural Association Sergio Amidei. The synergy connecting these institutions allows to better manage the cinematographic activities being held at the Palazzo del Cinema in Piazza Vittoria 41.
The Mediateca stands as a point of reference in the audiovisual field not only for the city of Gorizia, but for the whole neighbouring Slovenian territory. Since 2007 the Mediateca has offered the DAMS students and all users several services:

  • increase of volumes, journals and DVD collections;
  • audiovisual consultation, thanks to four available workstations;
  • references for users;
  • book presentations and meetings with authors.

study room: Monday-Friday 10:00AM-07:00PM
distribution and consultation: Monday-Friday 03:00PM-07:00PM




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