Public Relations

and Integrated Communication for Businesses and Organizations

The educational aim of the course is the creation of a professional figure able to manage the totality of relational dynamics between private or public organisations, people, products, services with stakeholders and influential target audiences. The course intends to provide transversal and convertible operative skills, aimed at a strategic level of generality and essentiality which allows their analytical implementation and improvement in the various niches and territorial infrastructures of the profession. Such skills are achieved in an educational strategy of autonomy and lifelong learning, and are based on the knowledge of basic human and social sciences, with a permanent focus on comprehension and use of interpersonal and collective communication tools and the management of public relations in business and institutional fields, in particular in event organisation and coordination and media relations.

Art, Music and Show Business Studies

and Audiovisual Heritage and New Media Sciences

The degree course in DAMS – Arts, Music and Show Business Studies of the University of Udine aims to offer the students a solid core of methodological, archival and historical-critical knowledge in the field of cinema, television and new audiovisual media, in the sector of multimedia production, post-production and distribution, of film and video preservation and restoration, and of visual arts conservation. From the Academic Year 2015-2016, as a result of a strengthening of the didactics linked to professions and to the cinema, communication and visual arts knowledge in a regional and interregional context, DAMS has joined forces with the University of Trieste and has therefore launched an inter-university teamwork with a powerful innovative dimension.