Study with Us

Welcome to the “Study with us” area! This page is a reference point for any question or necessity that any student, future student or graduates may have.

Educational Offer
Here you can find the ongoing educational service at the Polifunctional Center of Gorizia.
Future Students
This page has useful information on how and what to choose from. You can read what other students say about our courses and facilities and also access the FAQ page.
CeGo Students
This page is dedicated to all the CeGo students for them to check out what's going on in their faculty, what services are available, what internships they can apply for, who the tutors are and what their role is and also necessary information to prepare the final thesis.
This page is reserved for students who have finished and graduated from their course and want to start a post-lauream activity, a doctorate program at the CeGo, specialization courses, master's degrees and Research programs.
This area is dedicated to international mobility. It shows how the Polifunctional Center of Gorizia maintains strong ties with other universities in Europe and the world in order to provide the best academic level to its students.
Student Office
This section concerns the student office and has all the information for enrollment (also for physically impaired and foreign students), fees, auto-certifications and forms.
Library of Humanities and Education
All the information regarding our university library and its cultural events are available on this page.