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Welcome to the Graduates section! This area's purpose is that of giving the necessary information for graduates in order to find available services, information regarding the options to continue their studies, to get assistance in finding internships or an actual job.

Research Doctorate
This section is dedicated to all the information regarding the International Doctorate in Audiovisual Studies: Cinema, Music and Communication.

Post Graduate Courses
This area contains the necessary information in order to access the advanced courses offered by the Gorizia Center.

This section contains the information on masters degrees, how to apply and who to contact if interested.

Research Grants
This area contains the information regarding the application for research grants and the release of public announcements of the Gorizia Campus.

Higher Education
This page gives explanations on what vocational courses/professional courses there are, how to apply and what courses are available in the Gorizia Center.

This page has a list of the job opportunities available based on your university course and your degree.